Title: A Keepsake For My Children (Family) (a special book I'm going to give to each one of you, with the hope that you'll hold on to these thoughts forever)
Author: Douglas Pagels
Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780883966778
Release Year: 2002
Number of Pages: 63
List Price: $16.95
Location: Children's
Category: Unknown
Plot: 'There are gifts that are far above priceless. There are memories that are made of pure love. There are special miracles that really do come true.' There is no busier, happier, or more hopeful place in the universe… than the space within a person's heart. A parent's heart is filled to the brim with miraculous amounts of caring, with treasured memories, with enormous pride, and with enough wishes and dreams to fill the pages of a hundred books. It is so natural for parents to have these overwhelming and overflowing feelings... and yet it can be so difficult to put them into words. Rather than ask you to carry home a hundred books, you are asked to spend a little bit of time with just one. But -- as you're about to discover -- this one speaks volumes all on its own. A KEEPSAKE FOR MY CHILDREN contains writings that have touched the lives of millions of readers the world over. Bestselling author Douglas Pagels has drawn from his own experiences as a parent to fill this book with guidance, gentle advice, and meaningful notes that people will want to keep close to their hearts forever. 'And all my life, each one of you will always be... a wonderful gift, a treasure of memories, and an amazing miracle... to me.' - Douglas Pagels